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Houses built prior to 1990 all run a high risk of containing asbestos  or hazard containing materials, whether it be lead, mold, silica, PCBs, or any other hazmat or silent death.

Sources of Asbestos in a House

Asbestos in the home
Potential Sources of Asbestos in the home

Many contractors are still unaware of asbestos/hazmat or worse  just want to ignore it. They think its going to bring the price up of a renovation.

But honestly what is the health of your loved ones, or yourself worth?

Contractors that are doing the demolition without training, containment, or equipment are spreading the hazards around your home (castle), risking your health and future. RestAcon can take you from beginning  at the design stage right to finished product, with our red real carpenters and tradesmen in a healthy and safe manner. If we handle the job from start to finish we can usually keep the costs of the hazmat below 5-10% depending on size. There is no project to big or to small in the residential sector.

If you are a DIY type of person or have a contractor already let us do a asbestos\hazmat audit for you on the space you are about renovate to keep your family  healthy. Ask your contactor if they are trained in hazmat or insured for asbestos, ask to see their insurance.

Restacon Services has been doing  quality renovations, alterations, and additions for the last 15 years in Nanaimo. Whether you want a deck repaired, maintenance on your soffits or half your house dismantled and a huge addition added we can handle it in a safe, professional, and timely matter.

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Professional Ladysmith Renovations and Asbestos Removal at RestACon Services
RestACon Services is a renovation company that specializes in Hazmat removal and demolition.